Sales Contractors can assist you in the following areas:


PROJECT IDENTIFICATON  Companies do not make major expenditues without setting up special projects. These projects are comprised of many individuals in different departments, all of whom will have some level of input before a final decision is made.  Identifying these individuals is critical, as is identifying the buying process of the company.


LEAD GENERATION AND QUALIFICATION   Providing your sales force with qualified leads is particularly critical in today's marketplace.  Your senior sales staff should be closing sales, not dialing for dollars.  Sales Contractors has the industry expertise to identify and qualify leads which will generate revenue.


TELESALES   Let Sales Contractors add to your revenue stream by taking all of the above-referenced steps,  in addition to the most critical to your business...THE CLOSE.

MARKETING PROJECTS   Customer satisfaction surveys, competitive information,  product research, needs assessments,  testimonials  and other marketing projects.
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